“Education of Human Power for Technological Excellence”


  • Dissemination of knowledge by offering world class education

  • Right to information for all stake holders

  • Promotion of sustainable industrialization to development of appropriate technologies

  • Continuing education programs for reengineering of regional socio economic system in the light of dynamic, global technological changes

  • Contribution to national wealth through innovation

Long range Goals:

  • Strive for center of excellence in all disciplines of the institute

  • Create conducive environment for top class education, research, development and extension

  • Develop collaborative arrangements with premier institutions in India and abroad

  • Become a world class role model institute to attract international faculty and students

  • Intervene for sustainable development of the region and improvement in quality of life

Short range Goals:

  • To strive for quality teaching, research and extension services

  • To achieve overall development of students and society

  • To incorporate flexibility in curriculum design

  • To adopt dynamic students evaluation system

  • To introduce regional need based courses

  • To make the system responsive for maintaining the time schedule

  • To develop strong relations with industries, institutes and society

  • To nurture industrial development based on regional resources

  • To create, preserve and disseminate technical knowledge

  • To promote competitive merit and excellence as the sole guiding criterion in overall development of students

  • To uplift the society by addressing the local and regional technical needs