Chase Your Dream

You have dreams, isn’t it? Which company would you like to join? Does it come to your dreams? May be!

Making the decision to chase your dreams can be a frightening one. Making large changes to your life and how you live it is never easy, but by breaking the path to your dreams down into manageable goals, you can make the transition a much easier one. Achieving your dreams is possible, you just need a good plan.

However, go and break the norms. Try many things. Don’t be afraid to ask. You are going to get further in exploring your dream if you ask questions. Ask for what you want. Ask for opportunities. Ask for collaboration.

Break your dreams down into an action statement.

In the mean time, please fill in this form, if you come across any company/organization in which you would like to join as employee or intern.

We will contact them on your behalf.  Be specific. Do not give general information. Do not forget to fill in accurate details, otherwise your dream will remain dream, and will not turn in to the reality 🙂


We may contact you for clarifications, if required. Be ready to answer them.


Go, get it!  Click here*.


– Dr. Suhas Gajre

Dean (Industry Liaison)