Credit Transfer Scheme


1. At present, third year students (without any backlog) are eligible to apply under this scheme.

2. Interested students should apply in the prescribed format and based on the merit students may be issued offer letter from this institute.

3. The performance of the students transferred under Credit Transfer Scheme (CTS) in a particular semester shall be considered as it is in lieu of the requirement of SGGSIE&T NANDED.

4. In case the student rejoin institute with backlog during CTS, he/she has to register and clear equivalent heads of passing at SGGSIE&T Nanded. The equivalent head of passing and mapping of credits shall be decided by the corresponding DFB at SGGSIE&T Nanded.

5. If a course studied under CTS is repeated either at SGGSIE&T Nanded or the concerned institute under CTS (before or after) an appropriate decision / recommendations of the corresponding DFB at SGGSIE&T Nanded be applicable to the concerned student.

6. The students opted for CTS may appear/register for any additional/relevant courses of study of his/her interest at SGGSIE&T Nanded.

7. The institute fees for CTS will be as per the mutual agreement/norms of the institutes under the scheme. However, the Hostel fees/mess fees and other living charges be paid by the student at the concerned institute as the case may be.

8. Minimum credit requirement as per the RRs of SGGSIE&T Nanded must be complied.

9. On selection for CTS the candidate along with his/her parent/guardian will have to give an undertaking to the effect of sole responsibility and associated risks of undergoing CTS.


Dean (Academic)

Credit Transfer Scheme : Application Form