Deans & Administrators

Sr. No.
1. Dr. R. S. Holambe Dean (Academics)
2. Prof. S. S. Hatkar Registrar
3. Dr. S. N.Talbar Dean (Students Affairs)
4. Dr. R. R. Manthalkar Dean (R&D)
5. Dr. R. S. Holambe Dean (Alumni Affairs)

6. Dr. V. G. Asutkar COE (Controller of Examination)

7. Dr. A. V. Nandedkar TEQIP Coordinator
8. Dr. S. S. Gajre Dean (Industry Liaisoning),

9. Prof. P. S. Nalwade Dean(IT services)
10. Prof. P. B. Ullagadi Dean(Planning)
11. Prof V. B. Tungikar Dean(Procurement)
12. Prof. B.M.Patre Dean(Finance and Resource Management)