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The department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in the year 1981 with a sanctioned intake of 30 students. In view of future demand in this field the intake was increased to 60 in 1986, 90 in the years 2000 and 120 in the year 2001. The post graduate program in Electronics Engineering was started with a sanctioned intake of 18 in 1987. From AY 2015-16 the strength is now increased to 30.  In addition to the existing M.Tech. course, a new PG course - M.Tech.(Embedded Systems and VLSI Design) - has been started from AY 2015-16.

The department was accredited by NBA in February 2003 and June 2008. The faculty is well qualified, dynamic and experienced. The department is consistently achieving good academic results. The placement on the campus of the department is progressively increasing in autonomy. The department has strong research groups in digital signal and image processing, speech processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, VLSI Design and Embedded Systems.  We offer Ph.D. Scholarships for deserving students under QIP/TEQIP/TEQIP/Center of Excellence/Visvesvaraya schemes.

The department offers following programmes:

Pogramme Type of the Programme Duration Strength Year of Starting
B.Tech. Full Time 4 Years 120 1981
M.Tech.(Electronics) Full Time 2 Years 30 1987
M.Tech.(Embedded Systems and VLSI Design) Full Time 2 Years 18 2015

Research programme leading to Ph.D. is also offered. (under Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwade University, Nanded)

The faculty members are having many research papers in national and international journals and conferences to their credit. The department is having strong backup of qualified supporting staff to support the laboratory work. The  department  receives  funds from various agencies for Research and Development such as AICTE, DST, and State government. Many faculty members are acting on various committees such as AICTE, NBA, BOS, RRC of various universities etc. They are also reviewers for many international journals including IEEE, IET, Elsevier, and Springer.

The department is a recognized research centre for of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded since 1995. The department is also recognized research centre under QIP with sanctioned intake of 02 from the academic year 2012-2013. The department  is having close association with academic institutes like IIT, Mumbai, IIT, Kharagpur, IIT, Roorkee, IIT, Delhi, VNIT, Nagpur, and few  other NITs. The department has signed MOU with Texas Instruments, Bangalore for project work.

The department has a good academic culture and conducive working environment for teaching learning, research and development and extension services. The department boasts well equipped laboratories  in the area  of  VLSI, Embedded Systems, Signal and Image processing. The equipment in the these laboratories has been procured from the funding of state government and the AICTE funded projects under the category of TAPTEC, MODROB and R&D, DST  projects. The department is encouraging the faculty members to avail the sponsored  projects funded.  We received DST-FIST grant to the tune of 47.5 lakhs for improvement of PG laboratory facilities. The infrastructure is sufficient to achieve the academic excellence. 

The department conducts regularly faculty  and staff development programs under the AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP/Center of Excellence schemes for the benefit of faculty members of various engineering colleges. Experts from IIT/NIT/R&D Labs/industry are regularly contributing to these courses. The aim of conducting these course is to update the knowledge of all the concerned in the advanced technological area. This is helping us in developing good interaction with industry and research and development laboratories of national repute.

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Faculty: 29 (AY1718)
  • Regular: 15 (11 Ph.D. completed, 2 ongoing)
  • Ad-hoc: 14 (14 M.E./M.Tech)
Students: 642 (AY1718)
  • FY:126
  • SY:143
  • TY:141
  • BTech:139
  • M.Tech: 46+47
Students: 672 (AY1617)
  • FY:126
  • SY:154
  • TY:151
  • BTech:146
  • M.Tech: 47+48
Students: 634 (AY1516)
  • FY:126
  • SY:149
  • TY:139
  • BTech:146
  • MTech:30+18+17
  • Ph.D. Research Scholars (QIP/TEQIP/COE/Visvesvaraya): 9
Students: 624 (AY1415)
  • FY:126
  • SY:150
  • TY:153
  • BTech:152
  • Mtech:18+18
  • Ph.D. Research Scholars (QIP/TEQIP/COE): 7
Staff: 16
  • 12 regular +4 ad-hoc


"Ignite young-minds for inventions in Electronics and Telecommunication”


  • Knowledge dissemination by offering world class education in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • To motivate the students for up gradation of skills, higher education and research
  • To provide quality education to introduce contemporary advances in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Contribute to Make in India through Inventions in the field of Signal and Image processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems
  • Continuing education programs for re-engineering of regional, socio economic system in the light of dynamic, global technological changes
  • Promotion of sustainable industrialization of the region to develop Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering related technologies

So far in AY1516...
  • Center of Excellence in Signal Image Processing inaugurated
  • MoU Signed with IIT, Roorkee for student internship, etc.
  • We give QIP, TEQIP, COE, and Vishveshwaraiyya scholarships for Ph.D.
  • 4 Institute open electives (out of total 8) are offered by our department
  • 8 M.Tech. students are doing Internship in various industries such as Synopsis, Seagate, SoCtronics, etc. 
  • 2 industry personnel (Mr. Rajiv Mantri and Mr. Sridhar Chakravarti) are conducting classes of M.Tech.(ES&VLSI)
  • 100 is the total number of people who conduct theory classes or practicals
  • 61 placement offers so far (as on 30th Sept., 2015) in AY1516
  • TCS selected 57 students from our department in AY1516
  • MoU Signed with Eklaksha VLSI R&D Centre
  • 47 completed Ph.D. plus 52 ongoing Ph.D. making a total of 99
  • One day workshop on Industry Institute Interaction and Partnership in Embedded and VLSI Domain conducted on 4th August, 2015
    • Industry Participants: Mr. Vivek Pawar (Sankalp), Mr. Pradeep Dharne (APM), Mr. Sachin Pathak (Mentor Graphics), Mr. Ravi Boonapalli (Mentor Graphics), Mr. DVR Murthy (SocTronics), Mr. Gangadhar Gude (Invecas), Mr. Shivraj Dharne (Intel), Mr. Shivraj Thakare (Intel), Mr. Vishwas Kurundkar (Eklakshya), Mr. Rajiv Mantri (Eklakshya), Mr. Satish Deshpande (Eklakshya)
  • MoU Signed with Mentor Graphics, Inc. Under Higher Education Program (HEP)
  • Rajesh H. Asutkar, student of B.Tech. (EXTC), attended HGS-HIRe Summer Student Programme at GSI HelmHoltz Heavy Ion Research, Germany during July 19, 2015 to September 11, 2015 with full funding
  • 2-week AICTE FDP was organised on "Multirate signal Processing and Wavelets" during29-Jun-15to 10-Jul-15by Dr. Y. V. Joshi
    • Experts: Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, Prof. R.K. Patney, Prof. V. M. Gadre, Prof S.D. Joshi, Prof A.S. Abhyankar 
For a brief report of activities done in AY1415 click here or on the image below.

Continuing Engineering Programmes

List of Short Term Courses and Workshops Organized: >>>>Click here for details... STTP/workshops and pedagogy training programs: >>>>Click here for details...

The department conducts regularly faculty and staff development programs under the AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP?Center of Excellence schemes for the benefit of faculty members of various engineering/polytechnic colleges and Research Scholars. Experts from IITs/NITs/R&D Labs/industry are regularly contributing to these courses.

The aim of conducting these course is to update the knowledge of all the concerned in the advanced technological area. This is helping us in developing good interaction with industry and research and development laboratories of national repute.

In addition to above list the faculty members of this department have extensively lectured in the short term courses for faculty development conducted at various institutes in India and abroad.

Workshops conducted by our department:
Workshop Title Date Co-ordinators Guest(s)
One day workshop on  "Industry Institute Interaction and Partnership  Embedded and VLSI Domain" August 4, 2015 Dr.Y.V.Joshi  Dr. S.S. Gajre Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO, Sankalp Semiconductor, Pvt. Ltd., Hubli Mr. Pradeep Dharne, Managing Director, Applied Micro Circuits, Pune Mr. Sachin Pathak, Mentor Graphics, Bangalore Mr. Ravi Boonapalli, Mentor Graphics, Bangalore Mr. DVR Murthy, SocTronics Technologies, Hyderabad Mr. Gangadhar Gude, Invecas, Hyderabad Mr. Shivraj Dharne, Intel Corporation, Bangalore Mr. Shivraj Thakare, Intel Corporation, Bangalore Mr. Vishwas Kurundkar, Eklakshya R&D, Pune Mr. Rajiv Mantri, Eklakshya R&D, Pune Mr. Satish Deshpande, Eklakshya R&D, Pune
2-week AICTE approved Faculty Development Program on "Multirate Signal Processing and Wavelets" June 29-July 10, 2015 Dr.Y.V.Joshi Dr.R.R.Manthalkar Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, Prof. R.K. Patney, Prof. V. M. Gadre, Prof S.D. Joshi, Prof A.S. Abhyankar
Workshop on U Deliver V Nurture:Intellect Creation & Protection for Image Processing 25 April 2015 Dr. L. V. Birgale
Workshop on ARM Protocol & Real Time OS 4-9 March 2015 Dr. S. N. Talbar
Expert lecture on Intellectual Property:Patents 26 Dec. 2014 Dr. L.V.Birgale Dr. M.G.Kulkarni
One Week STTP on Wavelets & it's Applications 8 Dec. 2014 Dr. M. B. Kokare
One Day workshop on Underwate Signal Processing 17 Nov. 2014 Dr. S. S. Gajre Dr. R. R. Manthalkar Dr. Arnab Das
Two day Workshop on Medical Diagnostics 27 Sept. 2014 Dr. S. N.Talbar Dr. Abijeet Pawar and Dr. Ajay Deshmukh
Workshop on Computer Vision 16-17 Sept 2014 Dr. A.V.Nandedkar Dr. S. V. Bonde
Two-days Faculty Training Young Teachers Orientation Programme 14 July 2014 Prof. A. N. Kamthane
Expert Lecture on Transport Scenario in India  11 March 2014 Dr. S.N.Talbar Mr. P.K.Shrivastava
Expert Lecture on Intelligent Video Surveillance 11 March 2014 Dr. S. N. Talbar Dr. Sachin Gengaje
One day workshop on Programmable System on Chip 11 March 2014 Dr. S. N. Talbar Mr. Abhay Tambe
AICTE approved Staff Development Program on "Recent Advances in Speech, Image and Video Processing" 12-23, December 2011 Dr. S. N. Talbar
Workshop on "NS2" 25-26, February 2011 Prof. A. N. Kamthane
Workshops attended by our department faculty:
Sr.No. Name of Event Type Duration Venue Name of Participants
1 CDAC-Workshop on IPv6 Workshop 07/03/2015 C-DAC Banglore Prof. A.N.Kamthane
2 Technical Staff Training on Network Administratiion: Configuring LAN and WAN Non-teaching 02/03/2015 to 06/03/2015 Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Hyderabad Mr. P. R.Navghare Mr. H. S.Somajwar
3 Faculty Training Programme on Developing High Performance Team Capacity Enhancement 24/02/2015 to 26/02/2015 Citrus Hotel , Lonavla Dr. D. D. Doye Dr. S.N. Talbar Dr. S V Bonde Prof. A N Kamthane Dr. R R Manthalkar Dr. A B Gonde Dr. S S Gajare Ms. Dr. S G Kejgir Dr. M B Kokare Dr. A V Nandedkar Ms. Dr. Lenina Birgale Mr. M V Bhalerao Prof. V P Ghanwat Dr. A R Patil Prof P S Nalwade
4 Two-day workshop on Electromagnetics: Pedagogy and Research Trends Workshop 23/01/2015 to 24/01/2015 IIT Bombay Prof. S M Jattti
5 Mentor, APM & Academia Ecosystem Partnership Inauguration Ceremony at APM, Pune: Signing of MOU Industry- Institute Interaction 14/01/2015 APM Pune Dr. R R Manthalkar Dr. S S Gajare Dr. Y V Joshi
6 Residential Program on Leadership and Teamwork for Excellence Leadership Training 29/12/2014 to 02/01/2015 Port Blair Mr. A G Tamsekar Mr. P R Navghare Mr S M Degloorkar
7 Corporate Social Resposibility and ISO 26000 FacultyTraining 29/11/2014 to 03/12/2014 Portblair Mr. Millind V Bhalerao
8 National Workshop on Cryptology Workshop 25/09/2014 to 27/09/2014 IITDM Jabalpur. Prof. A N kamthane
9 Two-days National Workshop on Software Defined Ratio Workshop 05/09/2014 to 06/09/2014 PES Institute of Technology & Management, Shivamoga Mr. S M Jatti
10 One-week Faulty Upgradation Programme on Embedded System Design using ARM Cortex M3 FacultyTraining 04/08/2014 to 09/08/2014 CDAC, Hyderabad Dr. S N Talbar
STTP/workshops and pedagogy training programs: >>>>Click here for details...

Sr. no. Name of the LAB
1 Advance Communication lab
2 Communication lab
3 Computer lab A
4 Computer lab B
5 CVDV lab
6 CVPR lab
7 DCN lab
8 DSP lab
9 EDC lab
10 ESD lab
11 Project Lab

Regular Faculty

Name of the Faculty Designation Specialization Contact Details
1) Dr. Y.V.Joshi (Ph. D.) Professor Digital Signal and Image Processing,Digital Design,VLSI,Embedded Systems Tel- 2462-269212 Mob-9822459333 Fax-2462-229236 Email id- yvjoshi@sggs.ac.in, yashwant.joshi@gmail.com
2) Dr. S. N. Talbar (Ph.D. ) Professor Bio-metrics,Medical Image Processing,Embedded System Design Tel- (+91)2462-2269209 Mob- (+91)9850978050 Fax- 2462-229236 Email id- sntalbar@sggs.ac.in, sntalbar@yahoo.com
3) Dr. D. D. Doye (Ph.D. ) Professor Digital Speech Processing and Recognition,Electronics Circuit Design,Linear Integrated Circuits,Operating Systems,Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Tel- (+91)2462-269213 Mob- (+91)9422188021 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- dddoye@sggs.ac.in, dddoye@yahoo.com
4) Dr. S. V. Bonde (Ph.D. ) Professor Signal and Image Processing,Signal Estimation,Wavelets & Time Frequency De-compositions Tel- (+91)2462-269222 Mob- (+91)9403000800 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- svbonde@sggs.ac.in, svbonde11@yahoo.com
5) Dr. R. R. Manthalkar (Ph.D. ) Associate Professor Signal and Image Processing,Texture Analysis,VLSI Design,Computer Networking Tel- (+91)2462-269212 Mob- (+91)9423373690 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- rrmanthalkar@sggs.ac.in, rrmanthalkar@yahoo.com
6) Dr. S. S. Gajre (Ph.D. ) Associate Professor Biomedical  Signal and Image Processing,Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Design,Solar Cell and Energy Harvesting Tel- (+91)2462-269194 Mob- (+91)9421851011 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- ssgajre@sggs.ac.in, suhasgajre@gmail.com
7) Dr. A. B. Gonde (Ph.D. ) Associate Professor Image Processing,Data Compression,Numerical Methods,Electromagnetic Engineering,Network Analysis and Synthesis Tel- (+91)2462-269201 Mob- (+91)9405691645 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- abgonde@sggs.ac.in, abgonde@gmail.com
8) Dr. M. B. Kokare (Ph.D.,BOYSCAST Post Doctoral Research Fellow,University of California Santa Barbara, USA ) Associate Professor(Head of Department) Image Processing,Content Based Image Retrieval,Wavelets,Computer Vision,pattern Recognition,Diabetic Retinopathy Tel- (+91)2462-269220 Mob- (+91)9421474393 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- mbkokare@sggs.ac.in, mbkokare@yahoo.com
9) Mrs. U. R. Kamble (Ph.D. ) Associate Professor Digital Image Processing,Digital System Design Tel- (+91)2462-269217 Mob- (+91)9503893011 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- urkamble@sggs.ac.in, urkamble@yahoo.com
10) Dr. A. V. Nandedkar (Ph.D. ) Associate Professor Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks,Artificial Neural Networks and its Applications,Microprocessor and interfacing,Micro-controller and Applications Tel- (+91)2462-269219 Mob- (+91)9970933062 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- abgonde@sggs.ac.in, abgonde@gmail.com
11) Mr. A. I. Tamboli Ph.D.(ongoing from Dr. BAMU Aurangabad) Assistant  Professor Network and Lines,Television Engineering,Power Electronics and Electronics Devices,Broadband Communication Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- aitamboli@sggs.ac.in>, aitamboli@yahoo.com
12) Dr. Mrs. S. G. Kejgir (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Electromagnetic Engineering,Antenna and Wave propagation,Image Processing and Multimedia Tel- (+91)2462-269216 Mob- (+91)9860484161 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- sgkejgir@sggs.ac.in
13) Dr. M. V. Bhalerao (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Digital Electronics ,Networking Tel- (+91)2462-269212 Mob- (+91)8275344904 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- mvbhalerao@sggs.ac.in, bhalerao.milind@gmail.com
13) S. M. Jatti (Ph.D. ongoing from IIT Roorkee) Assistant Professor Spectrum prediction in Cognitive Radio Networks and 5G. Communication Systems, Wireless Communication. Mob: 09767872779,    E-mail id- smjatti@sggs.ac.in , jattisunil@gmail.com , jmadhukarrao@ec.iitr.ac.in
14) Dr. Mrs. L. V. Birgale (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Digital Signal and Image Processing,Data Communication and Networking,Principles of Communication Engineering,Intellectual Property Management Tel- (+91)2462-269223 Mob- (+91)9765895217 Fax- (+91)2462-229236 Email id- ivbirgale@sggs.ac.in, lenina.bi@urdip.res.in

Contractual Faculty

Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Contact Details
1) Mr. C. G. Zanwar Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- cgzanwar@sggs.ac.in
2) Mr. N. N. Naganpalle Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- nnnaganpalle@sggs.ac.in
3) Mr. M. M. Patil Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- mmpatil@sggs.ac.in
4) Ms. S. S. Ankushe Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- ssankushe@sggs.ac.in
5) Ms. M. R. Patil Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- 2015mec012@sggs.ac.in
6) Ms. D. N. Yedke Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- dnyedke@sggs.ac.in
7) Mr. D. P. Gayakwad Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- dpgaikwad@sggs.ac.in
8) Mr. G. M. Mashatte Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- gmmashatte@sggs.ac.in
9) Mr. C. C. Pawar Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- ccpawar@sggs.ac.in
10) Mrs. R. J. Muley Lecturer M.Tech. Email id- rjmuley@sggs.ac.in

Adjunct Faculty

Sr.no. Name
1 Mr. Shivraj Gurpadappa Dharne
2 Mr. Shivraj Bgagwan Thakare
3 Mr. Sandeep Sharad Waikar
4 Mr. Bharat Jagnnathrao Shinde
5 Mr. Girish Venkatesh Choudhary
6 Mr. Nikhil Chandrakant Mane
7 Mr. Lamture
8 Mr. Jivan Kataria
9 Prof. Jayant Mukharjee
10 Prof. Abhay Madhukar Chopde
11 Mr. Vikas Vasudeo Chaitanya

Technical Staff

Name of Staff Designation Qualification Experience# Responsibility Email
P.R. Navghare Foreman DEE 27 Years Overall supervision of staff, Purchase and record of equipment prnavghare@sggs.ac.in
H.S. Somajwar Lab. Asst. DEE 27 Years Laboratory development and maintenance hssomajwar@sggs.ac.in
D.R. Garole Lab. Asst. SSC 27 Years Laboratory development and maintenance
J.M. Pujari Lab. Asst. SSC 33 Years Laboratory development and maintenance
K.G. Kamble Lab. Asst. HSC 31 Years Laboratory development and maintenance
B.M. Sarpate Lab. Asst. BA 27 Years Laboratory development and maintenance
M. B. Ibhute Lab. Asst. SSC 27 Years Laboratory development and maintenance
S. R. Kurundakar Lab. Asst. Laboratory development and maintenance

# Experience as on 1st May 2017

Non-technical Staff

Name of Staff Designation Qualification Experience# Responsibility Email
S.R. Shilewad Peon IV 17 Years Office work
S.B. Hale Peon IX 13 Years Office work
# Experience as on 1st May 2017

Distinguished Alumni

We have alumni spread over the entire globe occupying various top positions. A few of them: Mr. Dilip Chatre (DGM, Tata Elexi) Mr. Amol Mahamuni (DGM, IBM, Banglore) Mr. Deepak Mhetar (SWIFT, Washington, USA) Mr. Pradeep Erinjery (CEO, Thirdware Solutions) Mr. Amol Pandit (HP, USA) Mr. Manish Joshi (Reddy’s Labs, Hyderabad) Mr. Mainsh Marwaha (NTPC, Delhi) Mr. K. Ashwin (Sankalp Electronics, Banglore) Miss Manju Patil (HP, Banglore) Mr. G.S. Harnale (TCS, Mumbai) Mr. Gaurav Sharma, (Microsoft, USA) Mr. Mahendra Patil (TI, Banglore) Mr. Ravi Keron (SoftComp, USA) Mr. B. Maduletti (TCS, Mumbai) Mr. Manik Patil (HP Labs, Banglore) Mr. Khanapure (ARM, Banglore) Mr. Gopaliah (DRDO, Banglore) Mr. Chandra Reddy (Entrepreneur, USA) Mr. N. Chandra Mohan (Bharat Electronics, Banglore) Mr. Sachin Dabir (CEO, Ashnik Pvt. Ltd, Singapore) … and many more!! Please visit http://www.sggsalumni.org/ for more information about Alumni Association.

The department in the late ’80s identified the need to inculcate research attitude among-st the Faculty to stay afloat in this competitive world. Strong emphasis was given on this part and as a result, research centre was established in 1994. At the same time faculty members were deputed for Ph.D. at various IITs. At present, majority faculty in the department is having Ph. D. degree. All these teachers have experience of conducting high quality research. This gets reflected in the publications. After the Institute attained the autonomous status, the faculty members are imbibing research attitude among UG/PG students by involving them in research projects.

The department is a recognized research centre by Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. We have 9 faculty members with Ph.D. qualification and 7 are recognized Ph.D. guides by SRTMU, Nanded. The department has been in the fore-front for research activities in Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Neural Network, Biomedical Signal/Image Processing, Advanced Computer networking, VLSI Design and Embedded System etc. It has produced more than 25 doctorates so far and presently about 80 candidates are registered for Ph.D. programme.  One student from University of Sana’a, Yemen has completed his Ph.D. as a full time research scholar. The faculty members have published more than 50 papers in National and International Journals (including IEE/IEEE/PRL) and more than 200 papers in National and International conferences.

Following table gives research of the dept. in nutshell:

Doctorate Ph.D. awarded > 25
Ph.D. registered > 80
Publications National/International Journals > 80
National/International Conferences > 170
Books 9
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Areas of Expertise
Research Projects


Dr. M. B. Kokare
Associate Professor and Head,
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering,
SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded.
Pin- 431 606  (INDIA) (Maharashtra)
Email: mbkokare@sggs.ac.in; head.extc@sggs.ac.in