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The department is encouraging the faculty members to avail the sponsored projects funded by DST and AICTE. Following are projects are either completed or on-going in the department since 2004:

SN Name of the project Grant in Rs. Lakhs Status
1 Denoising, Compression and Analysis of ECG Signals for Automated Analysis (RPS funding to Dr. S.S. Gajre from AICTE) 6.75 Ongoing
2 BOYSCAST fellowship for Post-Doctoral Research from DST to Dr. M.B. Kokare at University of Califormia, Santa Barbara, USA (September 2011-August 2012) 15.00 Completed
3 MODROB (Modernisation and Removal of Obsolescence) for developing Analog and Mixed Signal Laboratory from AICTE, New Delhi 15.00 Completed
4 AICTE career award for young teacher received by Dr. M. B. Kokare and Dr. A.V. Nandedkar 10.50 each Completed
5 Development of full duplex intelligent communication system for blind and deaf persons (RPS funding from AICTE) 8.82 Completed
6 Texture analysis in biomedical image processing (RPS funding to Dr. R.R. Manthalkar from AICTE) 7.60 Completed
7 Centre of excellence in VLSI design 6.00 Completed
8 Advanced communication laboratory 5.50 Completed

In addition to this, we have recieved Rs. 47.5 Lakhs from DST under FIST (Fund for Improvement in S&T Infrastructure) for modernization of PG Education in VLSI.  The department is making sustained efforts in increasing awareness in the VLSI area.  We have regularized subjects like Microelectronics, Digital VLSI Design and Analog VLSI Design in the last two years for under-graduate classes.  A 25-terminal plus server computer laboratory worth 8.82 lakh and IMAGE (I Made A Great Emulator) tool with 5 nodes which is an emulator for hardware emulation of FPGA based simulations worth 23.39 lakh which can handle designs up to 20 million gates.