Welcome to Department of Production Engineering


Welcome to Department of Production Engineering

Our department, established in 1984 with an intake of 30 (UG) students, has grown in size and stature and offers undergraduate course of Production Engineering with an intake of 60 students and a postgraduate course  M. Tech. in Mechanical-CAD/CAM (intake: 25).Undergraduate course of Production Engineering and Postgraduate course of Mechanical-CAD/CAM were first accredited in December 2003 with ‘B’ grade for a period of three years. And subsequently, in December 2007, continuation of accreditation was conferred for both the courses.

Ours is FIST sponsored department (50 lakhs). The department is well equipped with resources like highly qualified faculty and staff, well equipped laboratories and workshop, modern facilities for tool engineering and manufacturing support (design, analysis and manufacturing), state of art computational & CAD/CAM facilities, departmental library, students’ association (PESAM), etc. Research and development activities in the fields of NCMP, CAD/CAM, CAE, etc are the major features of this department.

Our alumni are highly placed in sought after industries and administrative services. There is a good trend for students going for higher studies as well. A number of them have even established their own enterprises.

Vision and Mission of the Department


Provide an environment for quality education, pro-industry research and innovation with industry partnership to meet global standards with the sense of ‘Make in India’ philosophy.


M -1. Provide up to date knowledge in the fields of manufacturing and management.

M-2. Continual up-gradation of curriculum in the context of global standards, peer feedback, in consultation with stakeholders.

M-3. Establish and maintain state-of-the-art research facilities and develop linkages with Industries and other educational institutions.

M-4. Encourage students for research and development activities, innovation and entrepreneurship.

M-5. Continuing education programme to develop skilled human power.



Type of the Programme



Year of Starting

NBA Accreditation


Full Time

4 Years



Twice for three years each (2003, 2008)

M.Tech.- CAD/CAM

Full Time

2 Years



Twice for three years each (2003, 2008)

Research programme leading to Ph.D. is also offered. (under Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO-1 Provide knowledge and skills of broad spectrum of manufacturing processes.

PEO-2 Develop capabilities of Product Design and Analysis through learning opportunities to work with up-to-date platforms in CAD/CAM/CAE.

PEO-3 Provides students with requisite philosophies, tools and techniques of operations management for becoming key players in any business organization.

PEO-4 Encourage students to acquire knowledge application aptitude for basic sciences, environmental issues, analytical abilities, self-initiated learning, out of box thinking, soft skills, professional skills, leadership qualities and work in team

PEO-5 Develop / Provide foundation for taking up a higher studies, entrepreneurship and administrative services in India and abroad.

Programme Outcomes (POs):

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  • Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Regular Faculty

Sr No Name of Faculty Designation Specialization Contact Details
1 Dr. B.M.Dabade (Ph.D.) Professor Quality Engineering and Process Modelling bmdabade@sggs.ac.in
2 Dr.V.M.Nandedkar (Ph.D.) Professor Sheet metal forming, Metal forming ,Technology Management vmnandedkar@sggs.ac.in
3 Dr.V.B.Tungikar (Ph.D.) Associate Professor Design and Analysis, Solar Energy. vbtungikar@sggs.ac.in
4 Dr. M. K. Rodge(Ph.D.) Associate Professor Thermal Engineering, CAM, Automated Material Handling Systems, Non-Conventional Manufacturing mkrodge@sggs.ac.in
5 Dr.L.N.Wankhade (Ph.D.) Associate Professor and Head of Department Quality & Reliability, Information Asymmetry, system dynamics. Mobile: +919423438259, +918208668703 lnwankhade@sggs.ac.in
6 Mr. R.P Parvekar (M.Tech.) Associate Professor CAD Customization, Database Management. rpparvekar@sggs.ac.in
7 Mr.N.M.Khandre (M.Tech.) Associate Professor Welding, Productivity Improvement. nmkhandre@sggs.ac.in

Contract Faculty

Sr No Name of Faculty Designation Specialization Contact Details
1 Mr. ESHAN SAINATH AGRAWAL Assistant Professor M.TECH. esagrawal@gmail.com
2 Mr. MAHAVIR VIJAY CHHABADA Assistant Professor ME PRODUCTION mahavir.chhabada@gmail.com
3 Mr. SURAJKUMAR NARAHARI TEKALE Assistant Professor M.TECH. tekalesuraj075@gmail.com
4 Mr. SHRINIVAS GANGADHARRAO SONUNE Assistant Professor M. TECH. (MECH-CAD/CAM) sonune.shrinivas@gmail.com
5 Mr. AKSHAY RAMESH GOVANDE Assistant Professor MTECH govandeakshay@gmail.com
6 Dr. MAHESH SHESHRAO SHINDE Assistant Professor MTECH MECH-PROD maheshsshinde@gmail.com
7 Mr. MAHENDRA DILIP SUKRE Assistant Professor MTECH mdsukre@gmail.com
8 Mr. KESHAV GOVINDRAO RAJMORE Assistant Professor M. TECH. (MECH-CAD/CAM) keshav.rajmore@gmail.com
9 Mr. PRASHANTH DIGAMBERRAO MACHKALE Assistant Professor M.TECH. prashanthmech08@gmail.com

Adjunct Faculty

Sr. no Name
1 Mr. Chandraprakash S Sarpate
2 Mr. Sunil Madhukar Lokare
3 Mr. Gurumeet Singh S Ragi
4 Mr. Rohit Rajnikant Wadgaonkar
Name of Staff Member Designation Experience#
S.M. DEGLOORKAR Foreman 28 Years
S.S.PAMPATWAR Lab. Asst. Technical 26 Years
R.G. GUNDEDWAD Lab. Asst. Technical 26 Years
V.B. BADWANE Lab. Asst. Technical 25 Years
B.V. KADAM Instructor 13 Years
D.R. YERAWAR Instructor 13 Years
R.V. MAHARAJ Instructor 28 Years
P.W. DESHPANDE Instructor 26 Years
R.C. MADAVI Instructor 24 Years
B.K. DHUTMAL Instructor 24 Years
A.V. RAKHE Instructor 28 Years
M.B. KOLMARE Lab. Attendant 28 Years
L.V. AMBATWAR Lab. Attendant 28 Years
D.M. GAIKWAD Lab. Attendant 28 Years
D.R. GALLIWALE Lab. Attendant 24 Years


  1. Thermal Engineering
  2. Heat Transfer
  3. Metallurgy Lab
  4. Strength of Material
  5. Non Conventional Manufacturing Process
  6. Theory of Machines
  7. Metro-logy and Inspection
  8. CAM
  9. Machine Shop
  10. Welding Shop
  11. CAD Lab
  12. Mechanical Working of Metals
Sr. no. Name of laboratory Facilities available Projects completed (Few titles of project)
1 CAD Laboratory Software: NX 8.5, Solidworks, ANSYS 15.0 , Hypermesh, NASTRAN, PATRAN, Radioss, CATIA V6 with Enovia, Hyperworks Hardware:  Computers  and work stations, Plotter etc. 1. Customization of NX 8.5 for CAD modelling of brake rotor. 2. CAD Customization of NX 8.5 for fastners. 3. Design and Development of Software for Time-Tables data Management in a Professional.  Education Institute using SQL Language of DBMS package (Visual Foxpro 9). 4. CFD analysis of steam flowing through turmeric blancher pipes. 5. CFD of centrifugal pump to study the cavitation effect.
2 Welding Laboratory Metal Inert Gas welding (MIG), Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, LASER , Metal Arc Welding(MAW), Gas Welding machine. 1. Design and development of automatic spot welding fixture 2. An experimental investigation on welding aspects of SS (SS202) during GTAW 3. Optimization of process parameter for resistance spot welding by application of multi objective Taguchi method
3 Modern Manufacturing Electric Discharge Machine(EDM), Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machine, Electro Chemical Machining(ECM), Electro Chemical Discharge Machine (ECDM), CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Micro Electro Discharge Machine 1. Optimization of Micro EDM process parameters for machining Inconel-600 super alloy by using Taguchi method 2. Fabrication of micro-slits using micro-EDM and parameter optimization 3. Fabrication and optimization of micro grooves by foil tool electrode

The following are list of workshops and expert lectures of the resource persons from industries were held in the Department.

Date of Visit Expert Name   Organization Area Name/Topic
10/01/2015 Mr.D.N.Dharurkar NAC group of industries  MIDC Aurangabad          Entrepreneurship and career planning
10/01/2015 Mr.Kailash Rathi. Tulsi Paints and Chemicals Nanded Scope and opportunity for Production Engineers in India
19/01/2015 Mr.Dilip Pandit PTC Sweden opportunity for Production Engineers in software industries
10/01/2015 Dr. Manmohan Singh VRDE A Nagar Innovation in Vehicle dynamics at VRDE , Ahmednagar
31/03/2015 Mr. D. N. Dharurkar NAC group of industries MIDC Aurangabad Career Opportunity
10/04/2015 Mr. Inderjeet Bhatiya Macquarie Capital Mumabi Career Opportunity
04/09/2015 Mr. Pradumna Deshmukh TCS Pune Opportunities in TCS for Production engineers
21/01/2016 Mr. Jaipal Reddy Tech Mahindra Hyderabad FEA
April 2016 Mr. Abhay Joshi Boyden Pune Career Opportunities
06/10/2016 Mr. D. N. Dharurkar NAC group of industries MIDC Aurangabad Gaps in industrial             practices and theories
06/10/2016 Dr.Deepak Waikar Edu Energy Consultants, Singapore Importance of sustainable and renewable energy innovation technology, policies and practices in global arena
08/10/2016 Mr. Adwait Pande ESI Group, Pune Recent advances in metal sheet forming along with simulation
08/10/2016 Mr. Nandkishor Chandurkar Electronics & Engg. Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Industrial Radiography Equipment, Rotary Ultrasonic Testing Systems
08/10/2016 Mr. Satyaprakash Pande Electronics & Engg. Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Scanning Acoustic Microscopes, Phased Array Equipment & Systems

Sponsored Research:
SN Name of the project

Grant in Rs. Lakhs

1 Reconfiguration of Assembly Lines: The Digital Manufacturing Approach (2010-11)


2 Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of Difficult to Machine Materials (2010-11)


3 Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Plates and Experimentation (2010-11)


4 MODROBS for Production Engg. Labs (2010-11)


5 DST-FIST Project (2006)


6 Modernisation of Workshop (2002)


7 AICTE-R&D Project (2002)


8 DST Fast Track Research Project (2001)


9 Modernisation of CAD/CAM Lab. (1998)


10 Laser material Processing Lab. (1998)


11 Research Project in EDC (1997)


12 Non-Conventional Machining Lab. (1996)


13 CAD/CAM for Sheet Metal Forming (1995)


14 Industrial Robotics Cell (1992)


15 Establishment of ED Center (1989)


16 Research Project in EDC (1983)


Research recognition:

Research forms an integral part of the activities of faculty members. The publications of faculty and students, research projects bagged and the laboratory facilities are some of the indicators of the research culture in the department. Six faculty members are recognized Ph. D. Guides under S. R. T. M. university (affiliating university) and others. Most of the faculty members are working as reviewers for reputed journals.


Sr. No.

Faculty Research  Areas


Dr. B.M. Dabade Quality Engineering, Process Modeling


Dr. V.M. Nandedkar Sheet Metal Forming, Technology Management


Dr. S.B. Sharma Non Conventional Manufacturing, Electro-less Coating


Dr. V.B. Tungikar Finite Element Analysis, Heat Transfer, Composites


Dr. J.V.L. Venkatesh Production Management, Optimization


Prof. M.K. Rodge Thermal Engineering, CAM, Non Conventional Manufacturing


Dr. L.N. Wankhade Production Management, Quality and Reliability, Information Asymmetry


Prof. R.P. Parvekar CAD, Customization, Database Management


Prof. N.M. Khandre Welding, Productivity Improvement, Non Conventional Manufacturing


Mr. K. G. Rajmore CAD, CAM, PLM, Operation Management


Mr. P. D. Machkale CAM, FEA, NCMP


Mr. E. S. Agrawal CAD, CAE, CFD


Mr. S. G. Sonune Advance Welding Techniques, CAM


Mr. S. K. Pawar Supply Cahin Management


Mr. S. B. Wagh ERP, PLM, System Dynamics : Control Theory application


Mr. G. V. Kurumbhatte CAD, PLM


Mr. S. S. Losarwar PLM, NPD, QRE


Miss. M. T. Magare NCMP


Mr. B. D. Waghmare NCMP


Mr. P. R. Paul Thermal Engg
We conduct high quality research. This gets reflected in the publications.Following is the summary of publications:
   Publications International Journals


National Journals


International Conferences


National Conferences




Note: For detail click on the links. Books Published
Name of faculty Book Publisher (Year)
Prof. M.K. Rodge Basic Thermodynamics (ISBN 81-86639-09-8) Sadhu Sudha Publications, Nanded. 1997
Prof.M. K. Rodge    Prof.J.V.L. Venkatesh  Dr. S. R. Kajale E-book on Thermal Engg. Technobahn Software Services, 1999
Dr.L.N. Wankhade  Dr.B.M. Dabade Quality Uncertainty and Perception Springer Verlag, Germany, 2010
Dr.S.B. Sharma   Dr.J.V.L. Venkatesh   Dr.L.N. Wankhade    Dr.R.P. Parvekar Proceedings of first National Conference on Product Engineering (NCPE – 2010) Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 2010
Name of supervisor: Dr. S.R.Kajale

Sr. No.

Name of the Student   Status Title of Thesis Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 M. L. Kulkarni Awarded An Analysis of Laser Machining 2002 2008
2 S.B. Patil Awarded Surface treatment using laser heat source 2001 2008
3 Vinod B. Tungikar Awarded Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates under combined thermal and elastic loading using FEM 2000 2003
  Name of supervisor: Prof. B.M. Dabade

Sr. No.

Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 J. V. L. Venkatesh Awarded Some Studies in Assembly Line Balancing 2002 2008
2 Lalit N. Wankhade Awarded Some Studies on the effect of information asymmetry phenomenon on product quality engineering and its management 2002 2009
3 Munjadas S. Kadam Awarded Effect on surface roughness and tool wear in hard turning using titanium coated carbide tools and optimizing the cutting parameters 2007 2011


Mr. M. G. Harkare Awarded Thermo structural design analysis and fabrication of Mobile blancher 2005 2012
5 Mr. R.P. Parvekar In Process Some studies in customization of mechanical CAD software 2002
6 Mr. V.M. Mundada In Process Green Product Design 2004
7 Mr. A.B. Kulkarni In Process Application of TPM Concepts to the Design of Equipment 2004
8 Mr. T.V. Rao In Process Design optimization 2007
9 Mr. Mohanti Awarded Supply chain management 2008 2015
10 Mr. Birajdar In Process welding 2008
11 Mr. M.B. Parzane In Process Quality engineering 2011
12 Mr. Andhale In Process TQM 2008
  Name of supervisor: Prof. V.M. Nandedkar

Sr. No.

Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 Mr. A.G. Thakur Awarded Prediction of effect of spot welding parameter on quality of weld 2004 2012
2 R. S. Hingole Awarded Web   Based Expert System for Metal Forming 2004 2011
3 Mugale Umesh S. Awarded Performance Analysis of Assembly Line Balancing for Robustness 2004 2012
4 Mr. M.V. Nagarhalli Awarded Performance evaluation of renewable fuel in compression ignition engine 2004 2011
5 Mr. Dinesh.N. Kamble Awarded Design And Development Of Expert System For Forging Process 2005 2011


Mr. K. R. Borovale Awarded Optimal control of vehicle random vibration with active suspension system 2004 2011
7 Mr. Ganesh Kakandikar Awarded Some studies on optimization  of sheet metal forming process 2008 2014
8 Mr. Ingle In Process Metal forming 2010
9 Mr. Gawade S.R. In Process Metal forming 2011
10 Mr. Eklarkar Shripad In Process Design and analysis 2012
11 Mr.Nimbalkar D.H. In Process Some studies on incremental forming of sheet metal 2013
12 Mr.Jeet Pralhad Patil In Process Finite Element Simulation of  Mfg. Process (Friction Stir welding analysis and  optimization) 2013
13 Mr.V.Nangre In Process Prediction and Optimization of Mechanical Properties of cast aluminium-silicon alloy using NN and RSM 2013
14 Mr.Sunil Andhare In Process Some Studies on Modoling of Material Behaviar in Short Metal Forming 2014
15 Mr.Anil Mashalkar In Process Ultra thin sheet metal Micro-forming simulation considering grain size and crystallographic orientation 2014
  Name of supervisor: Prof. S.B. Sharma

Sr. No.

Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 K.K.Dhande Awarded On aspect of productivity Improvement through  Ergonomical Approach For Engineering Process 2007 2012
2 Mr. Gopal V. Shinde Awarded Design, analysis of agri. Equipment 2001 2012
3 Mr. S.A.H. Quadri In Process Machining Performance based characterization of a Hybrid electro Chemical process 2006
4 Mr. M.K. Rodge Awarded Some studies on process optimization of wire electrical discharge machining (w-edm) 2008 2014
5 Mr. Sandip Wankhede In Process Characterization of machined surface obtained with Abrasive based Hybrid Electro Discharge process 2008
6 Mr. R.S. Pawar Awarded Surface modification by electro discharge coating and its characterization 2009 2015
7 Mr. V.V. Thete In Process An analysis of effect of cryogenic treatment on tool life for the tool steels 2009
8 Md. Moizoddin In Process NCMP 2011
9 Mr. Prashant Machkale In Process NCMP 2012
10 Mr. R.B.Bhosle In Process Parametric Optimization for Micro-EDM 2013
11 Mr.Avinash Pedde In Process Investigation on Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining Characteristics of Metal Matrix Composite 2014
12 U. Aswalekar In Process Some Studies on Ergonomics and Safety Management : A System Approach 2014
13 Mr. N.Pardeshi In Process Computational Study of Flow Instabilities due to Turbulent Mixing of Fluid Stream using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) 2014
  Name of supervisor: Prof. M. M. Akarte

Sr. No.

Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 Mr. S. R. Gangurde In Process Product Design for Multidimensional Customer Preferences 2007 2014
  Name of supervisor: Dr. V.B. Tungikar

Sr. No.

Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award


Mr. M. G. Harkare Awarded Thermo structural design analysis and fabrication of Mobile blancher 2005 2012
2 S. S. Choudhary Awarded Analysis of Composite Laminated Plates Subjected to Thermo Structural loads using Zigzag Theories 2007 2013
3 Mr. J.S. Jadhav In Process Development for knowledge base for designing mechanism using coupler curve 2006
4 Mr. R.D. Palhade Awarded Electrical insulator shape optimization using FEA 2008 2015
5 Mr. P.R. Baviskar Awarded Study and failure analysis of rotor shaft in industrial fans using vibration technique 2009 2015
6 Mr. Nilesh Birajdar In Process Analysis of composites 2011
7 Mr. P.  Swaminadhan In Process Design and analysis 2011
8 Mr. E.S.Agrawal In Process Composite Material 2013
9 Sonawane Deepak Chandrabhan In Process Use of Solar Energy for Effluent Treatment in Process Industry 2013
10 Mr.R.B.Patthe In Process Design Analysis & Fabrication of Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC) For Steam Based Application 2014
11 Ms. AvniLondhe In Process Some Studies on Efficiency Improvement of Solar (pv) Panel 2014
12 Mr. Rajesh Nagose In Process Analysis of Self Healed composites 2014
  Name of supervisor: Dr. JVL Venkatesh
Sr. No. Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 Mr.R.S.Deshmukh In Process Performance Evaluation of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System 2012
2 Mr. K.G. Rajmore In Process Generalized Assembly Line Balancing:Real life Issues 2012
3 Mr.Mane Unmeshchandra Mohanrao In Process Automated Assembly Sequence Planning 2013
4 Mr. Parag Potdar In Process Evaluating Impact of Engineering Changes on Supply Chain and Developing a Solution Framework 2014
5 Mr.Ajit Choudhari In Process Mechatronic System Design For The Disabled Using Man Machine Interface 2014
  Name of supervisor: Dr. S.P. Kallurkar
Sr. No. Name of candidate Status Title/area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
Mr. M. V. Buke Awarded What drives them to be successful private engineering colleges in industrial engineering perspective. 1996 2009
Sanjay S. Lakade Awarded Factors contributing to cost effectiveness in manufacturing in Ancillary industries determined by analysis of Streamlined Manufacturing System 1998 2006
B. S. Kothavale Awarded Role of Product Design in Success of Small Scale Industries 1999 2006
Name of supervisor: Dr. L.N.Wankhade
Sr.No Name of Candiadate Status Title/ Area of work Year of Enrollment Year of Award
1 Mr. R.Kamble In Process System Dynamics Modeling to Improve Productivity in Manufacturing Industries 2013
2 Mr. D.Gopekar In Process Some Studies on Reliability Improvement for Castings using Failure Mode and Effect analysis (FMEA) and Simulation 2013
3 Mr. Rathod Vijaykumar Motiram In Process System dynamics modeling of delay and overruns in project management 2013
4 Mr.S. Bhaisare In Process Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis using Multicriteria Decision Making Tool 2014
5 Mr.Sharad Vinkare In Process Some Studies on Green Product Design and Development 2014
Dr. L.N.Wankhede
Associate Professor and Head,
Department of Production Engineering,
SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded.
Pin- 431 606  (INDIA) (Maharashtra)
Email: lnwankhade@sggs.ac.in, head.prod@sggs.ac.in