Welcome to Department of Electrical Engineering

Board of Management of SGGS IE&T, Nanded took an initiative of offering basic engineering programs in addition to the  non-traditional ones already being offered by the Institute. As a consequence, Electrical Engineering program has been started in the year 2011-12 with an intake of 30 students. For the first two years of its establishment,   Instrumentation  Engineering Department supported the activities of this department. It has been given a separate identity since academic year 2013-14 with provision of requisite infrastructure in terms of laboratories, building, faculty, library etc.

       Very good quality students are being admitted to Electrical  Engineering Department through central admission process. Hence department is able to have good interaction with industries and renowned  academic institutes.   This makes the department able to provide the right exposure to student with the IITs, NITs and other state front leading institutes like VJTI, COEP etc.

The Department has a focused approach for development in the areas of power systems, power quality, power electronics and drives and electrical machines. The syllabus has been framed keeping these streams in mind in addition to GATE , PSU exams and other competitive exams. In tune with the Institute’s agenda of teaching, research and transfer of technology, the department is actively  involved in such activities.

The Department offers following Programmes

Pogramme Type of the Programme Duration Intake Year of Starting
   B.Tech. Full Time 4 Years 30 2011

Regular Faculty

Email ID/Cell Contact
Dr. R.V. Sarvadnya
Professor and Head
Digital System Design, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Contact No. 9421841926

Contractual  Faculty

Email ID/Cell Contact
Mr.A.M.Khandelote Assistant Professor Contact No. 8983024506 Email-amkhandelote@gmail.com
Mr. A.T.Chandan
Assistant Professor
Contact No. (91) 9960934282 Email-ajaysinghchandan@gmail.com
Mr. M.K.Patil
Assistant Professor
Contact No. (91) 9975646573
Mr. G.R.Barse
Assistant Professor
Contact No. 8600273348
Mr. K.K.Rajput
Assistant Professor
Contact No. 8380026265
Assistant Professor
Email - kmurlimohan@gmail.com

Adjunct Faculty

Sr.no. Name
1 Mr. Bramhanand Dinkarrao Choudhary
2 Mr. D.S. More
3 Mr. Sachin Pandurang Parathe
4 Dr. Faraz Zafar Khan
5 Mr. Anil Vaidya
6 Dr. Shekhar Kelapure



Mrs.P. J. Wadhonkar Lab. Assistant
Mr.S.Bharti Class IV

The deparment has well equiped laboratories,which are consistently upgraded through various fundings from AICTE and DST.

Sr No

Name of Lab.


 Basic Electrical Engineering (EEE) Lab


Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory


Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory


 Electrical Machines Laboratory


 Power System Laboratory


Computer Laboratory 


 Switchgear and Protection Laboratory 


 High Voltage Engineering Laboratory

All the computers in the department are connected with Internet with 2 MBPS leased line.The Laboratories are made available for the students round the clock for their projects and extra work with help of PG students.

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Faculty Awards:

1. Best Research Paper Award for "Analysis of Stedy State and Dynamic Performence  of Statcom" at 3rd international Conference on Advance Trend in Engineering, Technology and Research (ICATETR-2014) to MR. K. T. MADREWAR

2.Mrs. S. R. Barhalikar, Assistant Professor,  successfully completed Online certificate Course on “  Intellectual property (DL101)” offered by WIPO ,Geneva , Switzerland.

Student Awards:

1. Recieved 1st prize in "Project Exibition" and "Paper Presentation" by B.Tech students at TECHLONS-2015 National level technical event Amaravati on date 12th-15th Jan, 2015.

2. B. Tech Students- Kushal Chakraborty, Krishna Phad, Shubham Meharkure, Mohd umar , Sushil Muley won 1st  prize in project competition at  MNIT Bhopal on topic “Power theft detection and monitoring system”.

3. T. Y. student-Chaitanya Sarode, won 1st prize in “Robowar” competition at BITs Pilani Hyderabad campus ,VNIT Nagpur and Government college of Engg. Aurangabad. 

List of Seminars /Conference/Workshops organized
Sr. No. Name of the   Seminar / Conference / Workshop Name of the coordinator Period                Venue Category of event              ( Seminar / Conference/ Workshop/ Symposium /STTP/ Project Competition , etc. Academic year of Publication                         ( 1st July to 30th June )
From To
1 Three Day workshop on “Power Plant Engineering”  in association with NPTI, Nagpur Dr. B. M. Patre 04/11/2016 06/11/2016 SGGS Institute Workshop 2016-2017
2 Unleash the Power of Mind” for First Year Students Dr. B. M. Patre 27/08/2016 -- SGGS Institute Seminar 2015-16
3 One day workshop on “3E (Enthusiasm, Endeavour and Endurance) in one’s life” Dr. B. M. Patre Mr. M. K. Patil 20/08/2015 -- SGGS Institute Workshop 2015-16
4 One Day Seminar on “Power of Habits” Dr. R.H. Chile Mr. N. C. Vaidya 08/08/2015 --  SGGS Institute Seminar 2015-16
5 Three day workshop on “Power System Analysis and Simulation: Hands on Training on MiPower” Dr. B. M. Patre Mr. M. K. Patil Mr. G.B. Abande 15/10/2016 17/10/2016 SGGS Institute Workshop 2015-16
6 One Week workshop on “ Hands on Training on Transformer Design, Manufacturing and Testing of distribution transformer “ Dr. R. H. Chile 21/07/2016 27/07/2016 SGGS Institute Workshop 2014-2015
7 Three Day workshop on “Design of Industrial Power Supplies and Drives”  Dr. R. H. Chile Mr. A. T. Chandan 24/02/2014 26/02/2016 SGGS Institute Workshop 2014-15
8 Two Day Workshop on “ Development of aptitude and writing skills for various competitive exams Dr. R.H. Chile Mr. M. K. Patil 17/01/2015 18/01/2015 SGGS Institute Workshop 2015-2016
9 One Day Workshop on “Advancement in Power System Protection: A Research Perspective”  Dr. B. M. Patre 25/01/2016 -- SGGS Institute Workshop 2015-16
  1. Details of any other innovative activities.
Sr.No Name of Innovative Activity Name of student Academic year
1 General course in Intellectual Property Onkar Urkudey 2014-2015
2 General course in Intellectual Property Vishal Undre 2014-2015
3 A National level conference on INNOVATIONS & EMERGING TRENDS in Engineering & Technology Vishal Undre 2014-2015
4 A short term program on “Intellectual Property:Patents” organized by CoE, SGGSIE&T,Nanded. Vishal Undre 2014-2015
5 BEST INNOVATION AWARD for “Traffic Signal on zig-zag road” Vishal Undre 2014-2015
6 BEST INNOVATION AWARD for “Indian Patent Drafting software” Vishal Undre 2014-2015
7 BEST INNOVATION AWARD for “The hiding speed breaker” Vishal Undre 2014-2015
8 “Live telecasting of Critical Polling Booths during Assembly Elections 2014” Vishal Undre 2014-2015
9 “Smart Bullet System” Vishal Undre 2014-2015
Dr. R.V. Sarvadnya
Professor and Head,Electrical Department, SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded. Pin- 431 606  (INDIA) (Maharashtra) Contact No. 9421841926 Email - head.ee@sggs.ac.in , rvsarvadnya@sggs.ac.in