Welcome to Department of Mathematics/Physics/Humanity Sciences 

The Department of Mathematics,Physics and Humanity Sciences  was established in the year 1982 . The Department has a good academic culture and conducive working environment in the areas.  The equipment in the laboratories from these areas have been procured from the funding of state government and the AICTE funded projects under the category of TAPTEC, MODROB and R&D. The infrastructure is sufficient to achieve the academic excellence. In addition students are getting good ranks in GATE examination.

The Department runs First and Second year Engineering UG for all Engineering Branches as well as support in Research Too. Department Head Dr. A.R.Patil is  Dynamic Person who has many Research papers in field of Mathematics, he is doctorate from IIT Delhi, he organizes Different Workshop of mathematics including Engineering Application like Cryptography, probability etc. The sub head of Physics Department is Mrs. R.V.Bhalekar and Humanity Sciences is Mr. S.M.Birajdar.

The department is having close association with the academic institutes like (IIT Mumbai, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, VNIT Nagpur and NIT Jalandhar etc.

Regular Faculty

Sr. no. Name of Faculty Designation Specialization Contact Details
1 Dr. A. R. Patil (Mathematics) Associate Professor and Head Algebraic Geometry and Coding Mob: 9420667071 Email: arpatil@sggs.ac.in
2 Mr. S.M.Birajdar (M.Sc. Mathematics) Associate Professor Linear Algebra Mob: 9403068317 Email: smbirajdar@sggs.ac.in
3 Mrs. R.V.Bhalekar (M.Sc. Physics) Assistant Professor Dielectrics Mob: 8087926516 Email: rvpande@sggs.ac.in

Contractual Faculty

Sr.no. Name of Faculty Designation Department Contact Details
1 Ms. Bhagyashree Patil Assistant Professor Mathematics Mob: 8467987995 Email: patilbhagyashri0506@gmail.com
2 Mr. Wajid M. Shaikh Assistant Professor Mathematics Mob: 9921820721 Email: wajidshaikh144@gmail.com
3 Mr. Rajratan Kamble Assistant Professor Mathematics Mob: 9028499356 Email: kamblerajratna2@gmail.com
4 Mr. G. V. Bhosale Assistant Professor Professional Communication Mob: 9049446272 Email: gvbhosale7@gmail.com
5 Dr. Kailash Ingole Assistant Professor Professional Communication Mob: 9970799106 Email: ingole.kailash@gmail.com
Dr. A.R.Patil
Associate Professor and Head,
Mathematics/Physics/Humanity Sciences,SGGS IE and T,Vishnupuri,Nanded
pin code: 431606
Contact No: 9420667071
Email: arpatil@sggs.ac.in