Welcome to Department of Mechanical Engineering

Pragmatic Board of Management of SGGSIE&T, Nanded took an initiative of offering basic engineering programs besides the non-traditional ones already being offered by the Institute. As a consequence, Mechanical Engineering program has been started in the year 2012-13 with an intake of 60 students. For the first year of its establishment,   Production Engineering Department supported the activities of this department. It has been given a separate identity since academic year 2013-14 with provision of requisite infrastructure in terms of building, basic laboratory setup, etc. Mechanical Engineering Department offers a M. Tech. program in Mechanical – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) besides the undergraduate program on Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Department boasts of quality input of students, good interaction with industries for providing the right exposure to students, dedicated faculty and association of industry experts in the form of adjunct faculty, state of the art facility for Mechanical & PLM.

The Department has a focussed approach for development in the areas of Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Design, Mechatronics, Automobile Engineering and Energy Management for its undergraduate program. The syllabus has been framed keeping these streams in mind.  M. Tech. program is an industry orientated program with strong association with leading industries in the sector. In tune with the Institute’s three pronged agenda of teaching, research and transfer of technology, the department is involved in active research in the aforementioned areas and is associating strongly with local and nearby industries for providing services.

The department offers following programmes:


Type of the Programme



Year of Starting

NBA Accreditation


Full Time

4 Years




M.Tech. Mechanical-PLM Full Time 2 Years 18 2009 -


Regular Faculty

Name of faculty Designation

Highest Qualification Degree

Area of Interest


Dr. M.K.Rodge Head of the Department Ph. D. (SRTM University) Thermal, NCM head.mech@sggs.ac.in

Contractual Faculty

Name of faculty Designation

Highest Qualification Degree

Area of Interest


Mr.G.D.Jambhrunkar Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Auto.Engg.) Automobile , CFD gdjambhrunkar@sggs.ac.in
Mr. G.R. Kondekar Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Mech-PLM) PLM, Customization grkondekar@sggs.ac.in
Mr. D.T. Mehta Asst. Professor M. E. (Production) Metallurgy,MD dtmehta@sggs.ac.in
Mr.M.V.Shinde Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Mechatronics) IOT, Robotics mvashinde@gmail.com
Mr. A.S.Toshniwal Asst. Professor M. Tech(CAD/CAM) FEA,CFD ankittoshniwal711@sggs.ac.in
Mr. S.G. Shinde Asst. Professor M.Tech (Thermal) Thermal ,RAC sgshinde@sggs.ac.in
Mr. V.B. Bhuktare Asst. Professor M. Tech (CAD/CAM) FM,TD vbbhuktare@gmail.com
Ms. J.S.Sarda Asst. Professor M. Tech (MFA) MP,ORM jssarda@sggs.ac.in
Mr. A.M.CHAUDHARY Asst. Professor M.Tech (Manufacturing) CAD,MP ajitsir@gmail.com
Mr. O.S.Parodwad Asst. Professor M.Tech (Mechanical) IC Engine onkarparodwad@gmail.com

Adjunct Faculty

Sr. no. Name
1 Dr. JVL Venkatesh
2 Mr.Anand S Kondolikar
3 Mr.Sachin Arunrao Waghmare
4 Mr.Ketan Laxman Rade
5 Mr.Yogesh Vishnu Nikam
6 Mr.Kiranjeet Singh Sandhu
7 Mr.Kishore C Arora
8 Dr. Prakash K. Brahamankar
9 Dr. M.P. Khond
10 Dr. Dineshsingh Gulabsinha Thakur
11 Mr.Vivekanand Prabhakar Kornglekar
12 Mr.Mangesh Chaturbhuj
13 Dr. Pramod Trimbakrao Kale

Supporting Staff

Name of Staff Member Designation Experience
Mr. D. R. Galliwale Lab Attendant 26 Years
Mr. R. N. Sonsale clerk 26 Years
Mr. R.V.Maharaj Lab Assistant(contract) -
Mr. N. T. Bagal Lab Assistant (Contract) 06 Years
Miss. J.W. Ambepawar Lab Assistant (Contract) -
Miss. D. D. Kandharkar Lab Assistant (Contract) -
Mr. R.S. YalPalwar Lab attendant(Contract) -
Mr. Ajay Garole Lab Assistant (Contract) -

Alumni of Department

Sr.no. Name of Student Company/Place
1 Mr. Ashis Kiledar ATOS Pune
2 Sandip Dalvi Siemens PLM PLM
3 Mr. D.S. Matharu Atos Pune
4 Mr Anand Kondolikar M&M Pune
5 Mr. Vishal Sawane 3D PLM Pune
6 Nagesh Joshi TTL Pune
7 Sachin Radkar TTL Pune
8 Ketan Rade EICHER india
9 Swapnil Dhengle Altair India
10 Keshav Sakhare 3D PLM Pune
11 KushalFarkase EICPune
12 Chittaranjan Pise KPIT Pune
13 Sandip Chavan HCl Technologies, Pune
14 Maroti Ghatge HCl Technologies, Pune
15 Miss Akanksha Deshmane Pune
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  • Applied Thermodynamics 
  • Automobile 
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer 
  • Internal Combustion Engine 
  • Metrology 
  • PLM Lab
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Strength of Materials 
  • Theory of Machine 
  • Turbo Machines
  • Dynamics of Machine

Faculty Research Profile

Name Area of Expertise Publications
Dr. M.K.Rodge Thermal, NCM International Journal Papers : 05
National Journal Papers : 02
International Conferences : 05
National Conference : 10
Books : 02


Book Publication

A) Published a book on, “BASIC THERMODYNAMICS (ISBN 81-86639-09-8)”, on 27th Feb 1997, by Sadhu Sudha Publications, Nanded. B) Book on CD ROM: One computer-aided learning package on Thermal Engineering, 1999

International Journal Papers:

  1. Satish Anande, Amit Chaudhari, Dr. M.K. Rodge, “Modification in Design of Cylinder Head Gasket for Reduction in Bore Distortion and to Achieve Optimum Contact Pressure”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET) Volume 7, Issue 5, September–October 2016, pp.278–284.
  2. Ms. Shalaka Kulkrani and Manik Rodge, “Process parameter optimization I WEDM of HCHCR steel using Taguchi method and Utility concept”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), Volume 5, Issue 1, January (2014), pp. 57-67.
  3. Shrikant Baliram Pokale, Sawan Sakharam Borul and M. K. Rodge, “Client Side Customization for Checking User Rights in Teamcenter-PLM”, International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS), Foundation of Computer Science FCS, New York, USA, Volume 5, No. 10, August 2013.
  4. Rodge M. K, Sarpate S. S, Sharma S. B, “Investigation on process response and parameters in wire electrical discharge machining of Inconel 625”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), Volume 4, Issue 1, January- February (2013), pp. 54-65.
  5. Miss Swati D. Lahane, Manik K. Rodge and Dr, Sunil B Sharma, “Multi-response optimization of Wire-EDM process using principal component analysis”, IOSR Journal of Engineering, ISSN:2250-3021 Volume 2, Issue 8 (August 2012), PP 38-47.

National Journal Papers:

  1. Shilpa N. Bahadure, M. K. Rodge, “Multi-objective Optimization of CNC Turning of AISI 316 N Steel Using Utility Concept”, Industrial Engineering Journal, Volume VIII, Issue No. 12, Dec 2015, page 12-15, ISSN 0970-2555.
  2. Nakul M. Kodarkar, Abhay S. Gore and M. K. Rodge, “ANSYS analysis of limiters for Aditya Tokamk”, a research report at IPR library, Bhat, Gandhinagar (India) IPR/RR/541/2012, Feb 2012.

International Conferences

  1. M. K. Rodge and Aniruddha Narayanrao Sadhu, “Automotive Part Cost Reduction in Engineering Change Management Process Using Value Engineering and CORDYS BOP 4.3”, International Conference on Advanced and Agile Manufacturing and Agile Software Development (ICAM-ASD2016), 06 07 Oct 2016, pp 352-357 at SGGSIE&T, Nanded, India.
  2. R.S Kamble and M. K. Rodge, “Simple Genetic algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters”, International Conference on Advanced and Agile Manufacturing and Agile Software Development (ICAM-ASD2016), 06-07 Oct 2016, pp 333-339 at SGGSIE&T, Nanded, India.
  3. Sumitkumar S. Rathore, M. K. Rodge and R.V. Sarwadyna, “Energy Resource Structure in Maharashtra and India: A Review”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICRAME-2015), Sponsored by Savitribai Phule Pune University (BCUD-Quality Improvement Program) at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Pune, 26-28, Feb 2015.
  4. Sinkar M. D. and Rodge M. K., “CAPP: A Feature Based Modelling Approach”, International Conference on Trends and Innovations in Precision Engineering Technologies, 18 – 20 Nov 1997, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.
  5. Manik K. Rodge, Satyajit G. Rajput and Harish M. Soni “Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing of Tractrix Dies”, International Conference on Precision Engineering, Nov 2223, 1995, page 239-242, World Trade Center, Singapore.

National Conferences

  1. M. K. Rodge, Gajjal S. Y. and Quazi T. Z “Computer Aided Process Planning for Prismatic Components”, National Seminar on Modern methods for Economic and Quality Production (sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi), Feb 10 –11, 2001 at Gramin Polytechnic, Vishnupuri, Nanded.
  2. Sayad Ashfac S. V. Ali, M. K. Rodge, Shaikh Afzaluddin and S. A. H. Qadri, “Optimization of Machining Parameters for Single Pass Turning Operation by Using Goal Programming”, National Seminar on Modern methods for Economic and Quality Production (sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi), Feb 10 –11, 2001 at Gramin Polytechnic, Vishnupuri, Nanded .
  3. Rodge M. K. and A. S. Deshpande, “Modern Techniques in Deep Drawing”, IX ISME Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Nov 10 – 11, 1994 at Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Roorkee, Roorkee.
  4. M. K. Rodge, L. M. Waghmare and B. M. Patre, “Scope of Industrial Engineering in Entrepreneurship”, National Seminar on Role and Responsibilities of Technical Education Institute in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Jan 20 –21, 1990 at SGGSCOE&T, Nanded.
  5. R Kabilan and M. K. Rodge, “How to Promote Farming Entrepreneurship in Backward Areas”, ISTE National seminar on Technical Entrepreneurship, March 12 – 13, 1994, at SGGSCOE&T, Nanded.
  6. R. B. Mane, M. K. Rodge and S. B. Sharma, “Optimization of Process parameters of WEDM of Aluminium”, First National conference on Product Engineering (NCPE 2010), Dec 3-4, 2010, 94-97 at SGGSIE&T, Nanded.
  7. R. K. Rao, S. P. Sharma, S. D. Lahane, R. S. Bagul, M. K. Rodge and S. B. Sharma, “Study of Effect of process parameters on the wire wear during machining of Aluminium”, First National conference on Product Engineering (NCPE 2010), Dec 3-4, 2010, 106-109 at SGGSIE&T, Nanded.
  8. R. S. Kamble, S. S. Sarpate, M. K. Rodge and S. B. Sharma, “Research status of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Process”, First National conference on Product Engineering (NCPE 2010), Dec 3-4, 2010, 126-132 at SGGSIE&T, Nanded.
  9. Patil U. V. and Prof. M. K. Rodge, “Optimising heating process of loads within vacuum heat treatment furnace using fluent 6.1”, 3rd National Conference on Global Technologies in Manufacturing and Thermal Sciences, GTMTS 2010, Sethu Institute of Technology, Virudhunagar Dist., Tamilnadu, India, 14-21.
  10. S. R. Ghante, N. M. Khandre and M. K. Rodge, “Numerical Analysis and Simulation of Stampings in Sheet Metal”, National Conference on Emerging trends in Productivity (ETP2014), 10-11 Jan 2014, SGGSIET Nanded (India).

Following Programs are Organize by Department

The program is designed for students who are willing to get transformed to successful PLM professionals by exploring PLM Software Usage, Administration, Installation and Integration along with Server & Client customization at its depth. Details of the topics covered are as under:
Sr. No. Trainers Name & company Details Topic Name Duration (6 hrs/day) Dates
1 Mr.Kiranjeetsingh Sandhu, PLM Consultant from Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. “PLM Software Configuration” 2 Days 30th-31st March 2018.
2 Mr.Kiranjeetsingh Sandhu, PLM Consultant from  Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. PLM Server Customization-ITK 2 Days 3rd and 4th March 2018.
3 Mr. Anant Brahmanka, Manager, FAITH PLM SOLUTIONS PUNE PLM Business Data Modeling with Live Industry Business Cases 2 Days 6th and 7th March 2018.

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

One week AICTE-QIP sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) On “Product Life cycle Management”(From 4 Feb 2019 to 8 Feb 2019) Click Here to Know More

UG Projects

Details of Major & Minor Project
2014BME034 HANSA KELA Replacement of sand casting by investment casting Power factor correction capacitor kelahansa@sggs.ac.in
2015BME510 ATUL CHANDELE atulischandele@gmail.com
2014BME042 SUNAINA CHOPKAR To reduce the energy consumed during the running of AC system lighting system. To increase the seat tightness of a pressure relief valve & thereby reducing the bubble production by 50%. chopkarsunina@sggs.ac.in
2015BME503 NARENDRA KANAKDANDE Defect analysis & process optimization M/cing cost reduction by reprocessing on scrab nskanakdande001@gmail.com
2014BME027 MADHURA ATHAVE Line balancing of two stroke (3Wh) silencer assembly line. Effective utilization of solar energy as an alternative to LPG burner. athavemadhura@sggs.ac.in
2014BME020 AKASH BHAMARE Study of core rejection of 1.5 LTR crail block & reduction of there rejection. Energy consumption & conservation in foundry industry. bhamareakash@sggs.ac.in
2014BME019 AJAY BODDE boddeajay@sggs.ac.in
2014BME006 SACHIN PANGARE Design of error proofing system in automated press line a step towards world class quality. Study oferratic energy consumption in mechanical press & conservation through tool modification. pangaresachin@sggs.ac.in
2015BME505 JITENDRA SULAKSHANE 2015bme505@sggs.ac.in
2014BME153 GANESH KOTURWAR Design & fabrication of testing equipment for m/c tool spindle. Replacement of conventional electricity source with solar power system. koturwarganesh@sggs.ac.in
2014BME151 KRISHNA DUBBEWAR dubbewarkrishna@sggs.ac.in
2015BME508 RUTUJA NAIK 2015bme508@sggs.ac.in
2014BME005 VISHVJEET JAHIRABADKAR Traceablity & implimentation of 2-D data matrix.OR Improvement of first pass yield of performance bench. Energy analytic in zinc phosphating. vjahir123@gmail.com
2014BME039 SAKSHI DEO The design of electrolley for reducing human effort & to reduce power consumption. Engin failure analysis deosakshi@sggs.ac.in
2014BME029 KARISHMA ISMAIL   attarkarishma@sggs.ac.in 
2013BME152 SUDARSHAN DASPUTE Study of grab : 5 axis CNC m/c & its installation. Transportation of m/ced pump housing. dasputesudarshan@sggs.ac.in
2014BME003 NISHANT JOSHI joshinishant@sggs.ac.in
2014BME015 VAIBHAV BAJAD Installation of ABS (antilock breaking system ) assembly line. Space optimisation & standardization of hanel lean lift. bajadvaibhav@sggs.ac.in
2015BME509 SHRIRAM KENDRE 2015bme509@sggs.ac.in
2014BME013 GAJANAN KADAM Spry charecteristics of effervescent automization for high viscosity fules. Study of cost effective renewable energy strategies for conventional energy consumption. gajanankadam334@gmail.com
2014BME009 ADITYANARAYANAN RAMAN Performance improvement of wind turbine using the principle of contra rotation. Micro-power genration . adityanarayan6@gmail.com
2014BME023 PRANAY MAHALE Comparative study of cylindrical parabolic collector (CPC) unit by using two different reflectors. Study of performance analysis of cylindrical parabolic collector (CPC) system. mahalepraney@sggs.ac.in
2014BME024 NIKHIL DALAL Design & development of electric moped. Energy management using solar panel for indiana LED light LLP. dalalnikhil@sggs.ac.in
2014BME025 ANKUSH PAWAR pawarankush@sggs.ac.in
2015BME501 ANIKET CHOUDHARY Design of automatic gate opening mechanism. 2015bme501@sggs.ac.in
2015BME504 SHUBHAM BODKHE shubham10bodkhe@gmail.com
2014BME059 NITIN GUPTA Design of Battery assembly line . gng121411@gmail.com
2014BME031 PRADHNEYA MUNESHWAR pradneya.muneshwar@gmail.com
2014BME012 AKSHAY SUSAR Solar powered electric vehicle charging station. akshaysusar777@gmail.com
2014BME018 SHASHANK PATIL patilshashank@sggs.ac.in
2014BME017 AKASH SAWANT Sustainablity comparison between ICE vehicle & electric vehicle. sawantakash@sggs.ac.in
2014BME008 PRASAD SURYAVANSHI suryavanshiprasad@sggs.ac.in
2014BME512 ASHVINI KHANDRE process & product improvement of clip mechanism in checking fixture. Implimentation of 5S for improving housekeeping in industry ashvinikhandre@gmail.com
2014BME032 AMRUTA UNDRE Quality improvement on soft stage process. Tool Life improvement on CHIRON DZ m/c. undreamruta@sggs.ac.in
2014BME036 SHWETA WATTAMWAR Study of ECM & standardization of its tools& fixture. Capacity improvement of symmeeasure gauge sweta.wattamwar3@gmail.com
2014BME037 MEETA DABHADE Conversion of nozzle holder opening pre-setting m/c into DII nozzle flushing m/c Development of automation inspection system. dabhademeeta@sggs.ac.in
2014BME046 SHIVANI BHOSALE Quality improvement of chamfer grinding m/c Installing position gauge on loading line of UVA machine. shivanibhosle96@gmail.com
2014BME053 VISHAKHA RATHOD Tool life improvement of soft stage process of CRI body. Tool life improvement on soft stage process of CRI body. rathodvishakha@sggs.ac.in
2014BME057 HANSRAJSINGH SANDHU Reduction in errosion time variation of value piece. Quality improvement of CRI body. sandhuhansrajsingh@sggs.ac.in
2014BME021 VIKRAM SONAWANE Zero rejection dent die Auto feeder m/c. sonawanevikram@sggs.ac.in
2015BME506 NITU RATHOR 2015bme506@sggs.ac.in
2014BME041 DIVYA ALONE Automation of trolley. Standard operational procedure. divya.alone10@gmail.com
2014BME004 AKASH PATIL Mitigation of bogie wheel defect by stabilizing time - temperature analysis for base material. Design of hydraulically operated bed for rehabilitation of paralyzed patients. akashpatil8080@gmail.com
2014BME022 HARSHAL SHIMPI shimpiharshal@gmail.com
2014BME014 DESAI DESHPANDE Quality improvement in firm at spot fin welding operation & at pneumatically operated hardener filling operation. Energy conservation using PIR sensor & forecasting of solar power genration & cost analysis in firm. desai23deshpande@gmail.com
2015BME502 HEMANT AVINASHE hemant.avinashe90@gmail.com
2014BME048 VISHAL BHISE Productivity improivement by assembly line balancing & logistic improvement. compress air system energy audit & leak survey. bhisevishal@sggs.ac.in
2014BME060 SHUBHAM JADHAV jadhavsubhamsanjay@sggs.ac.in
2014BME038 AJIT KHOSE Breakdown analysis of forklift in pimpri & chinchwad plant. khoseajit@sggs.ac.in
2014BME001 SWAPNIL MORE swapnilmore12110@gmail.com
2014BME055 LOKESH BAWANKULE Use of lubrication system to increase the service life of gear. Reduction in toxic gas concentration on working place in steel industry. lokeshbawankhule49@gmail.com
2014BME040 NIHAL UKE ukenihal@sggs.ac.in
2014BME035 ADITYA NAGLE adityanagle2@gmail.com
2013BME046 HARJINDERPALSINGH SHILEDAR Automatic catcher for blanking operation of knockout jobs on press m/c. Pneumatic bending of baffle filter. shiledarjinderpal@sggs.ac.in
2014BME007 AKASH AMBHORE ambhoreakash@sggs,ac.in
2014BME030 PRAVIN VAIRALKAR vairalikarpravin@sggs.ac.in
2014BME050 TUSHAR GOVINDWAR govindwartushar@sggs.ac.in
2014BME044 SANKET ARGUNDE argundesanket@sggs.ac.in
2014BME002 KRISHNA BANDEWAR Lifting mechanism for material handling design & fabrication of inspection fixture. Implimentation of 5S practice in small scale industry. krishnabandewar96@gmail.com
2014BME026 ONKAR DHAKNE onkardhakne@gmail.com
2014BME016 PRITAM KORE Design of tapping & deburring m/c Marketing & counting process improvement. korepritam@sggs.ac.in
2014BME033 SONIYA DUDHATE Prediction of casting deffect & reduction using simulation technique. Design improvement of core lifting tackle. dudhatesoniya@sggs.ac.in
2014BME047 VENKAT KEVAKE kevalevenkat@SGGS.AC.IN
2014BME051 PRATIKSHA LOHALKAR loharkarpratiksha@sggs.ac.in
2014BME010 ARIF SHAIKH Capacity improvement of wheel alignment system. Upgradation of brake leak test m/c. shaikharif@sggs.ac.in
2014BME152 LAYAK SHAIKH Die & punch making for angle cutting on hydraulic press m/c. Industry energy saving. shaikhlayakips@gmail.com
2012BME055 SACHIN BADE badesachin12@gmail.com
2015BME507 SAGAR MASHALKAR sagarmashalkar@gmail.com
2014BME049 VISHAL MODHE Cycle time reduction for productivity improvement. Quality improvement by reducing defect & rate of rejection in automobile body. modhevishal@sggs.ac.in
20152BME511 DASRE VIJAYKUMAR dasrevijay511@gmail.com
2014BME058 CHINTAWAR NIKHIL chintawarnikhil@sggs.ac.in
2014BME011 PUSHKAR RAJWADIKAR Finite element analysis & mathimatical modelling of gasket joint. Energy conservation by implementation of heat pump. pushkarrajwasikar2014@gmail.com
B. Tech. Mechanical (UG) - Minor Project List (2016-17)
Sr.No. Name of the Students Name of Industry/ In-house Project Title
1 Shantanu Badmore IGTR, Aurangabad. Conservation of energy by using Occupancy sensor
Shivani Santikar
Aishwarya Kulkarni
2 Chinmay Chitnis TATA Motors, Pune Energy management in centrifugal pumps
Aditya Pande
3 Pooja Haatmode TATA Motors, Pune Energy management of compressed air problems
Swaroopa Joshi
4 Rohan Chavan LESER India Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad Process and product improvement  of safety valve
5 Anil Jadhav Grandmaster Machines Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad Energy audit of grind master under green machine project
6 Aamod Kulkarni HDR Tools Ltd, Waluj, Aurangabad Utilization of Exhaust gas for electric power generation
Abhishek Deshpande
Pratik Wavhal
7 Neha Babhulkar Western Coalfield Ltd, Chandrapur Energy Conservation in opencast coal mine
8 ShilpaBainwad NRB Bearing Ltd, Waluj, Aurangabad Minimization of energy wastage on spin curling machine
Shaukat Shaikh
9 Nikhil Yerule Approcopp Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Jalna Generation of energy  from trolly
10 Kiran Supe Jotiba Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Waluj, Aurangabad Energy management by using gravity
11 Manoj Kadam Endurance Technologies Ltd, Waluj, Aurangabad Energy generation by walking
12 Shaikh Minaj IIT Bombay Energy management: Effect of paper cups on energy and environment
13 Nitin Kalyane BAJAJ Auto Ltd, Aurangabad Upgrading existing double tube light fittings with LED tube light
14 Arti Nalawade L & T Ltd, Ahemadnagar Conservation of paper used in winding coil
15 ShamalBhavsar Yeshshree Press Components, Aurangabad 300T HMT die bed IN-OUT system
Ankita Taksande
Kavita Pawar
16 Abhishek Lokhande In-house Refrigeration using thermoelectric module SND Solar energy
17 Saiprasad Pampatwar In-house Hydraulically operated solar tracking system
Mangesh Ghorpade
18 BhagwanPande In-house Automatic water level controller
Rahul Lohakare
Nitin Chavan
19 FoujiKuljyot Singh In-house Refrigeration using thermoelectric module SND Solar energy
20 AjinkyaDhariya In-house Multi nozzle water controller system
21 SauravThakre In-house Energy Harvesting from Stationary bicycle
Ayush Pathak
Neha Nakod
22 HarshalPawar In-house Solar charge controller
Shaikh Omair
23 Mahesh Chavan In-house Gravity operated by light bulb for village homes
24 SumitDongare In-house Design And fabrication of low-cost solar water heater
25 Saurabh Moon In-house Gravity operated light bulb for village homes
26 Durgesh Kulkarni L&T Mumbai To minimise energy required in welding process by using Hood
Sumit Sambhavani
27 Jayesh Patil In-house Wave powered electricity generation
Pranav Pawar
Abhishek Potdar
28 Laxman Chavan ANV Techfab Pvt. Limited Solapur Smart street light control
Amol Rangwad
B. Tech Mechanical (UG) Minor Project List (2015-16)
Sr. No. Name of students Intership Industry Project Title
1 Vijay khandre                           Suvidha kumavat                     Ganesh Jadhav Yeshshri press component,Aurangabad Energy saving in top heat forming operation (press shop)
2 Kiran Gujar Yeshshri press component,Aurangabad Energy conservation of cooling tower
3 Abhishek Tripathi                 prashant jadhav MACPL Aurangabad Energy conservation in Aluminium die casting
4 Shrikrishna Dixit                     akshay sontakke              Farooqui Md Abu MACPL Aurangabad Energy conservation in preheaping process
5 Mayuri Kamble                             Pallavi Garad NIBL Aurangabad
6 Jana Chamale                        pooja Mitkari Advantage Engg solution Aurangabad
7 Shubham Choudhari                  Vaibhav Borate                     Shivhar Suryatali Exedy India Ltd, Aurangabad  solar agriculture spray pump
8 Veer ajit                                       Anant Gaikwad                                 Sandeep Lagaskar Badve Engg. Aurangabad solar operated Vaccum cleaner
9 Kunal Kalyan                                Dipak Taware Vinodrai Engg. Jalna Solar based Electrical Transcation system
10 Umesh Sangi                             Prerana Sarode                                Nikita Deshpande                              Bhakti Walkikar ASAL Pune Electrical gener ination unit in press shop
11 Sandesh Chandalwad                              Smita Chidrawar ASAL Pune Energy management in cooling tower using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
12 Madhuri Dhuppe ASAL Pune Energy management in cooling tower using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
13 Shubhankar Bakshi ASAL Pune Energy management in cooling tower using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
14 Niranjan Joshi                          Chetan Sakharkar ASAL Pune Biogas production from canteen food waste
15 Shivchandra Bhosle                                 Praveen Sukhdeve ASAL Pune Biogas production from canteen food waste
16 Shantanu Kadam                          Rajendra Aware                    Sachin Chaware                        Nandkumar Gujbhar DAMCO Engg. Bhosri Pune Design and development protomodel for electricity generation from forklift using rac and pinion
17 Pathan Durreshwar             Varsha Chauthmal               Kalyani Solanke                             Diksha Ramteke                         Kiran Dilerrao Precision Engg. Works Pvt. Ltd, Bhosri, Pune Crude oil from waste plastic
18 Yogesh Lohiya IIT, Bombay Energy analysis of aluminium industry
19 Manohar Aundhkar Tata Motors, Pune Conservation of energy by using compressednatural gas for hub washing machine
20 Sharmeen Shaikh Tata Motors, Pune Conservation of energy by using compressednatural gas for hub washing machine
21 Saurabh Dhokane                   Nishant Ingale Tata Motors, Pune Energy conservation bu reducing heat loss through SQF
22 Alande Sadhana                               Rupali Patil Tata Autocomp, Pune Air compressor audit
23 Rais Shaikh                                   Rizwan Shaikh                                  Tilak Jadhav                                        Girish Dugale Ohsung, Pune Energy management : 500T simpac press
24* Prathmesh Badhe                                   Niranjan Patil                                Gaurav Harrinkhede                                 Kapil Musale                                 Lokesh Attarade                               Chetan Patil Janak Enterprises, Nashik 1. Implimentation of Time of Day Tariff              2. Improve air compressed system                            3. Energy Conservation of Mechanical press using Variable Frequency Drive
25 Vijaya Gohane NITIE, Mumbai Cost estimation of rapid prototyping product - A case study using empirical methodologies
26 Nikhil Itkare                                 Piyush Sondankar Inhouse Project Waste heat recovery in casting plant
27 Akshay Vidhate Endurance Technology Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad Energy Conservation of Die Casting
28 Namrata Birajdar Pfizer Ltd, Aurangabad Solar water heater for hostel
29 Sharad Sinare Metallyst Forging Ltd, Aurangabd Energy Saving of Bandsaw Machine
30* Shubhum Pachange                     Rajaram Raskar Varroc Industries, Aurangabad Minimizing power consumption by reducing air lossesin air supply system
31 Shrikant Mhaske Varroc Industries, Aurangabad Minimizing power consumption by reducing air lossesin air supply system
32 Shubham Patil Reduction of Abnormal tyre wear by wheel allignment
33 Shubham Bore                          Shubham Gore                          Akash Dhote TAL Manufacturing Solution Chinchwad Pune Increase in payload and reach of existing model with modification in it

Internship details of M.Tech Mechanical –PLM 

Summery Sheet
Sr no. Academic Year Total number of  students admitted to course Number of Students Placed for internship in industry Students not admitted to Second Year Number of Students did project In house
1 2012-13 17 13 ------ 04
2 2013-14 17 17 ------ 00
3 2014-15 18 15 ------ 03
4 2015-16 18 16 02 00
5 2016-17 18 17 ------ 01
6 2017-18 18 16 01 01
For Batch wise details of internship Click Here.

list of GATE QUALIFIED Student

Following Student are Qualified in GATE-2019 Click here for PDF

PG Placement

Placement details of M. Tech Mechanical –PLM

Sr no. Academic Year Number of Students Placed in industry
1 2012-13 15
2 2013-14 17
3 2014-15 16
4 2015-16 18
5 2016-17 18
6 2017-18 18

Batch Wise Details As Follow:

Batch 2015-17
Sr. no. Registration No. Name of Student Name of the Company Mode of placement
1 2015MMP001 Anipindiwar Suraj Ishwarrao Geometric limited pune Off campus
2 2015MMP002 Babhulgaonkar Chandrakant Uttamrao ZF steering pune Off campus
3 2015MMP003 Bodu Raghavendra Suresh L &T, Vadodara Off campus
4 2015MMP004 Damahe Sachin Anantlal KPIT Technologies, Bangalore Off campus
5 2015MMP005 Farkase Kushal Babarao Emerson Innovation Centre, Pune Off campus
6 2015MMP006 Govind Baburao Shivmore HCL Technologies Ltd., Bengaluru Through campus
8 2015MMP008 More Anup Ramakant KPIT Technologies, Bangalore Off campus
9 2015MMP009 More Kiran Vasant KPIT Technologies, Bangalore Off campus
10 2015MMP010 Vikas Pethkar ThinkInnov Solution Pvt. Ltd.,Chennai Off campus
13 2015MMP013 Chiragiya Tejpalsingh Narendrasingh TCS, Pune Through campus
14 2015MMP014 Jaiswal Akash Sanjay ThinkInnov Solution Pvt. Ltd.,Chennai Off campus
15 2015MMP016 Pise Chittaranjan Diwakar KPIT Technologies, Pune Off campus
16 2015MMP017 Sarak Pankaj Yashwant KPIT Technologies, Pune Off campus
17 2015MMP018 Udgirkar Narayan Narhari Emerson Innovation Centre, Pune Off campus
18 2015MMP019 Arbad Pravinkumar Hanumantrao Geometric limited pune Off campus
  Batch 2016-18
Sr No. Reg. No Name Of Student Name of the Company Mode of Placement
2 2016MMP002 Jamkar Priyanka Vishwas Emerson Innovation Centre, Pune Off campus
3 2016MMP003 Kandukuri Moses Solomon HCL Technologies Ltd., Pune Through Campus
4 2016MMP004 Bhosale Nitesh Bhausaheb KPIT, Pune Off campus
7 2016MMP007 Shah Irfan Asefshah KPIT, Pune Off campus
8 2016MMP008 Karhale Avinash Ashok HCL Technologies Ltd., Pune Through Campus
9 2016MMP009 Sharma Govind Rajendra KPIT Technologies, Bengaluru Off campus
10 2016MMP010 Jadhav Santosh Venkatrao Bosch Ltd. Nashik
12 2016MMP012 Pachpor Gaurav Govindrao KPIT Technologies, Bengaluru Off campus
13 2016MMP013 Jawale Swapnil Shrirang KPIT Technologies, Pune Off campus
14 2016MMP014 Musale Balaji Ramesh Emerson Innovation Centre, Pune Off campus
17 2016MMP017 Shewalkar Yogesh Govindrao Infosys, Pune Off campus
18 2016MMP018 Bhise Sunil Subhashrao GenNext Pvt. Ltd., Pune Off campus

Dr. M. K. Rodge

Head of Department
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical, IT, Chemical and Computer Building,
Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology,
Vishnupuri, Nanded - 431606
Maharashtra state, India
email: mkrodge@sggs.ac.inhead.mech@sggs.ac.in