Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department

Pragmatic Board of Management of SGGSIE&T, Nanded took an initiative of offering basic engineering programs besides the non-traditional ones already being offered by the Institute. As a consequence, Mechanical Engineering program has been started in the year 2012-13 with an intake of 60 students. For the first year of its establishment,   Production Engineering Department supported the activities of this department. It has been given a separate identity since academic year 2013-14 with provision of requisite infrastructure in terms of building, basic laboratory setup, etc. Mechanical Engineering Department offers a M. Tech. program in Mechanical – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) besides the undergraduate program on Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Department boasts of quality input of students, good interaction with industries for providing the right exposure to students, dedicated faculty and association of industry experts in the form of adjunct faculty, state of the art facility for Mechanical & PLM.

The Department has a focussed approach for development in the areas of Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Design, Mechatronics, Automobile Engineering and Energy Management for its undergraduate program. The syllabus has been framed keeping these streams in mind.  M. Tech. program is an industry orientated program with strong association with leading industries in the sector. In tune with the Institute’s three pronged agenda of teaching, research and transfer of technology, the department is involved in active research in the aforementioned areas and is associating strongly with local and nearby industries for providing services.

The department offers following programmes:


Type of the Programme



Year of Starting

NBA Accreditation


Full Time

4 Years




M.Tech. Mechanical-PLM Full Time 2 Years 18 2009 -


Name of faculty


Highest Qualification Degree

Area of Interest


Dr. M.K.Rodge Head of the Department Ph. D. (SRTM University) Thermal, NCM head.mech@sggs.ac.in
Mr. K.G. Rajmore Asst. Professor M.Tech. (CAD/CAM) MDCAD, CAM, PLM kgrajmore@sggs.ac.in
Mr.G.D.Jambhrunkar Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Auto.Engg.) Automobile, CFD gdjambhrunkar@sggs.ac.in
Mr. G.R. Kondekar Asst. Professor M. Tech.(Mech-PLM) PLM, Customization grkondekar@sggs.ac.in
Mr. D.T. Mehta Asst. Professor M. E. (Production) MD, Metallurgy dtmehta@sggs.ac.in
Mr.M.V.Shinde Asst.Professor M. Tech. (Mechatronics) IOT, Robotics mvashinde@gmail.com
Mr. A.S.Toshniwal Asst.Professor M. Tech(CAD/CAM) FEA,CFD ankittoshniwal711@sggs.ac.in
Mr. S.G. Shinde Asst.Professor M.Tech (Thermal) Thermal ,RAC sgshinde@sggs.ac.in
Mr. V.B. Bhuktare Asst. Professor M. Tech (CAD/CAM) FM,TD vbbhuktare@gmail.com
Ms. J.S.Sarda Asst. Professor M. Tech (MFA) MP,ORM jssarda@sggs.ac.in
Mr. A.M.CHAUDHARY Asst. Professor M.Tech(Manufacturing) CAD,MP ajitsir@gmail.com
Mr. O.S.Parodwad Asst.Professor M.Tech(Mechanical) IC Engine onkarparodwad@gmail.com

Supporting Staff

Name of Staff Member Designation Experience
Mr. S.S.PAMPATWAR Lab. Assistant Technical 25 Years
Mr. Y.G. BHOSLE Lab. Assistant 23 Years
Mr. D. R. Galliwale Lab Attendant 23 Years
Mr. V. V. Halikar Lab Assistant (Contract) 03 Years
Mr. N. T. Bagal Lab Assistant (Contract) 03 Years
Miss. D. D. Kandharkar Lab Assistant (Contract) -
  • Applied Thermodynamics 
  • Automobile 
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer 
  • Internal Combustion Engine 
  • Metrology 
  • PLM Lab
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Strength of Materials 
  • Theory of Machine 
  • Turbo Machines
  • Dynamics of Machine
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Dr. M. K. Rodge

Head of Department
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical, IT, Chemical and Computer Building,
Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology,
Vishnupuri, Nanded - 431606
Maharashtra state, India
email: mkrodge@sggs.ac.inhead.mech@sggs.ac.in