Annexures from I  to V

  1. Format for attending National & International Conference (Being held within India) by Faculty Members under PIDA  (Annexure-I)
  2. Proforma for Claiming Reimbursement of Expenses after attending National Conference / International Conference held with India by Faculty Members under PIDA (Annexure-II)
  3. Permission to attend International Conference (Being held Abroad) by Faculty Members under PIDA (Annexure-III)
  4. Permission for claiming reimbursement of expenses after attending International Conference by Faculty Members under PIDA (Annexure-IV)
  5. Proforma for Calming Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred on Securing Membership of Professional Bodies/ Purchase of Books/ Stationary Items and Computer consumables viz. laptop battery, storage devices, mouse, refilling/ purchase of printer cartridges and repair of laptop/ desktop/ printer by Faculty Members Under PIDA.(Annexure-V)