Wi –Fi Service Related Instructions


To use Wi-Fi Service,  users  are supposed to follow the following Instructions.                  

1.   Register your device using your own mail ID ( sggs mail ID Only ).

    (This is one Time Activity. You neednot register  the same device twice.)

2.    If you don’t have email ID, please ask for it to Mr. Shinde S S in   the CSE Department.

3.   Do not use register your device/s using email of others. This may affect services of other users.

4.   Do not permit  others to register their device using your mail ID. This may affect your services.

5.   You are allowed to register maximum two devices only.

6.   To register your device/s you are supposed submit details in the Google form(Link is given Below).

7.   If you want to register your new device, please make sure to deregister the old registered device.

8.   Please check MAC addresses before submitting.

9.   Provide these addresses  as prescribed in Google Form only .

10.  Your device registration process may take up to maximum one week.

11.  If your device is not registered in the given period, you are advised to check your submitted data.

12.   Submit the corrected data using the Google form again.

13.   If you have submitted the corrected data, then there is no problem for using  services.

14.   For any other query or help, you may contact the agency by writing mail to admin@sggs.ac.in

15.   Before contacting to the agency make sure that you have submitted the corrected data.

16.   The above mail ID is the only option to help you in this regard.

17.   Remember Incorrect data is the only reason of connectivity issues.

18.  Device registration is for the New users only. Old users neednot regsister their devices again.

Click Here to Register Your Device/s


 How to Use the service

When you start wi-fi services on your devices following SSIDs will be displayed








Connect to the one of the SSIDs as per your user category.